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                                                                                                                    December  2002   

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Our Government Has

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How Bush Stole
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Are People Dying on Medicaid ?

Our own government is purposely sabotaging, emotionally traumatizing,
& discriminating against those they are suppose to be helping

If this site is taken down by ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, they will be discriminating against me again, this time taking away my rights to free speech. As a US Citizen, please keep up with this page and demand my rights to FREE SPEECH along with the others who have or will posted their stories on this site.

Enough is Enough...

This is a Public Notice       
 against Medicaid & Disability Federal Programs. Problems I have had & seen.

I hereby exercise my constructional rights to publicly speak out

      Some good links I found

* National Coalition for the homeless
Poverty in Florida -

This is a new site, but as it gets passed around, I think you will be able to start reading real life stories, similar to mine and worse; posted on our message board.


Do I sound Frustrated?
 why yes... yes I am... Wonder why?
After reading MY Story,
take a vote.


Does laws have to change because they are unfair?

Does the system need changing?


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Notice, ok Officials. This is not for YOU, so you can't vote and Florida residents can only vote ONCE.. cause we all know they can't count....

  lol  I trying to keep my humor so I won't cry ok! 

  We have our own WAR going on right here in the USA.  The war where our own government is purposely sabotaging, emotionally traumatizing, & discriminating against those who become disabled, homeless, many disabled war veterans, and those in need of productive medical assistance on Medicaid...   It will be, from my guess, affecting our elderly as well. AND THE AMERICAN TAX-PAYERS NEED TO GET INVOLVED SO THESE PROGRAMS WILL BE MORE PRODUCTIVE.

Those that do not have these problems in the system either had to fight like heck, had families helping them financially during the process, only have needed general care, or simply lucked up. After reading this site, you will understand more of what is going on with these needy people and why I say

 You, the consumer has the right to know just how bad the system of Medicaid and Disability has become. Don't let the government fool you.  No matter what, there is always going to be people who try to take advantage & want a free ride wherever they can get it.  Like any business, program, or project, those have to be weeded out. THIS IS NOT the problem and if it is a process to weed those out, it is penalizing too many people who do need that help and needs to be changed.  I am just one of those people.  Many disabled people who do need help are being  discriminated against the way disability is set up.  Many people who are medically needy are not getting what they need, IF INFANT, there is a chance for any recovery so that can become self reliant in a timely manner. The result is homelessness for many or additional health conditions from lack of medical care they need from specialist. This is why I feel people are going to die. "Physically DIE" before its over...


 People who defended us with honor, who suffer from disabilities, many still wondering homelessly with no help other than a can of worms administrative management who no longer feel they are important enough to make the changes needed. Don't believe me? READ THESE FROM our own * DMVA websites
or one of these I found:



  A pop up message / my story



How Bush Stole My Sons Christmas

If you are a citizen in the United States, than the government is taking money out of your paycheck for Medicaid!  So I hope you will get involved as a citizen and really get mad when you read what is happening to the people who needed that help. 

I can only pray that you will demand from elective officials, from the white house, and the NEWS MEDIA, that something is done to change these types of things, so others will not suffer additional hardships within the program that is suppose to help them...  If there is going to be a program, than it should be designed better to encourage those to try,  instead of sabotaging those efforts through unrealistic guide lines.

The programs and the way they are processed need changing NOW....  so that they would produce faster assistance to those medically needy and in distress.  I strongly feel that over half the people within the system could indeed become individually independent once again If the programs were changed.  There would be less homeless, less with additional health risk.  More kids would have better secure homes, and those who have lost there credit due to such hardships, might could regain stability faster.



The program now in place, keeps people in a circle of poverty. I am not passing the bulk or saying that one should NOT take responsibility for their own life.   It the opposite.  I am saying that those we do help are in a system that encourages this through its due processing guiltiness.  You have to remember. I am not just talking about those who had tough times.  People who are NOT SICK, who are below poverty level also need help.  But there are different ways to help them than those who are sick and do not have complete control of there bodies. That's why they are disabled.

 So many people in American do discriminate against those disabled, without even knowing it..  And people who have heath problems, do really want people to treat them differently.  We are still human beings.  We just need special tools, and sometimes a little more time to get the job done because we do have limitations. 

But there are many people who do have disabilities who are not in wheel chairs.  People think oh, you look just fine. Why what's wrong?  Nothing is wrong with you.  There are many people who are in wheelchairs without the rails. Without the wheels. Especially those with immune disorders like mine, or similar disorders where the disability comes from within the body and not the outside.  And I have to agree, that because of this, it can be hard to say just how bad someone is.  I have known 2 people with my disease who, I never thought was really bad.  Both died before the age of 45.

One of the friends I saw last, was out eating dinner with a friend who got her out of the house...  She was so excited getting out, which is something she had stopped doing.  Every day things did become harder for her.  She had lupus. She became ill that very next week. She had a cold. It developed into phenomena.  Next thing I know, she died.  Yet people, I know in the community use to smug about her condition thinking oh, she is not really sick because she did not have the physical wheel chair to prove it.  She had a good career. She was not living in poverty, just was headed that way because she had stopped working.  She was not living off the system, although she finally did file for disability with social security because of all the health difficulties, she was no longer able to maintain good work habits.  (I also want people to understand alittle more about the effects of "connective tissue disease", which is the main root problem of what I have. (Basically, I am coming apart at the seams! There are people with proper medial attention, and less stress from financial burdens, who do live normal lives.  I have a chance if I get the proper help.  That's why I am mad and frustrated).. Before its too late.  Before more damage is done.

Well, this young lady is free now of all of it I guess.  But we all are guilty of this.  Expecting others to be able to physically do what we might be able to do on any given day unless they are confined by a wheel chair.  Not understanding that, gee, there body is different.  Just maybe, their body will not let them...   Will not allow for that. Many people with my condition can do things. There is no wheel chairs for many of us. But the condition is unstable, and unless its in a remission state, it makes our lives like a see saw, changing day to day with no stability in our lives.....  And it IS a serious disability along with being life threatening if out of control. And there is no cure.

Some days are good days, while other days its impossible just to get out of bed.  How can one function normally when such is going on in our lives?  One cannot. So many people would rather drag that person down for not doing differently. Our bodies are tooooo undependable from one day to the next in our capabilities. One day the world is clear, and the next you can't think straight and if someone touches your hand, you could scream cause it feels so bruised you can't handle the pain. One day you feel like a movie and a dinner, and the next you just sleep though cause you are so warn out from the day prior, it takes days to get over it... How can one function is this state.  There are better examples and better ways to explain my point I guess, but I could only think of this at the moment. And of course this statement is for those with chronic immune illnesses like mine.  There are many other situations like this too, with other diseases.

Point at hand. Our Government knows just how serious the problems are and have been avoiding it... Maybe its time they put some specialist on the board who also has the right to get heard...  I don't really think they pay much attention to the ones they have in place, or the ones they have in place might not be man enough to say, gee, that's not my line of medical expertise. There are doctors who personally can't do that you know.  I thank GOD, I had one who had the guts to look me in the eye, and say it to me.  Maybe if those doctors in capital hill could be just as professional or to either take charge and tell the officials I speak the truth in this... that might help out.  I may be off a little here and there, but not much.

During elections they boast on all the "other" problems, but NO ONE REALLY SPENT TIME ON THESE PROBLEMS. Why?  It is so messed up, no one really wants to get in the position of having to have a serious debate!  They are making it worse by not fixing the problems...   I Know that the government has spend much time on Medicaid, but the plan is faulty with loop wholes and red tape that they know is broken and they will not FIX those objectives.

How is this Mr. Governor and Mr. President > FIX THE PROBLEMS NOW BEFORE MORE AMERICANS IN NEED SUFFER! Then Talk and I might believe you! I have already heard everything else....  The proof is in the pudding my grandmother said...   Even she could have done a better job just using common sense! 

EVERY GREAT LEADER TAKES THE TIME AT SOME POINT TO LISTEN TO THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES ON THE GROUND FLOOR...  YOU HAVE NOT EVEN LISTEN TO THEM, why would I think you might even hear me?  Even your own employees will tell you how messed up it is....  WHY DON'T YOU GO PICK A LOCAL OFFICE AND POP IN & TALK TO ANY OF YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES (without fear of losing their jobs or being discriminated after-words!)  EVERY ONE OF THEM I TALKED TO AGREED IT IS discriminatory & has major problems with processing. "Its not a Fair system whatsoever I think is what most stated to me".  It is mess-up but its all we have"! My hands are tied!"  These are the comments I PERSONALLY HAVE BEEN TOLD by YOUR OWN PEOPLE!

Oh, I forgot.... and this line... >  "I have over 300 people I have to look over.  We are so overwhelmed, I have such an overload of cases, I can't do all the work myself.... What makes you think you can come first! I don't have the time because we are so understaffed. I know you need high blood pressure medication days ago, I am allowed to take up to 10 days to key it in, so YOU will have to wait like everyone else until I can put it in the computer!  "I said, in 10 days it starts a new month and I have to re-qualify all over again. You mean to tell me I have to then wait another 10 days cause the first of the month I start all over?  ------ They say   "I am sorry"!   That's how we are set up...  Look I have 10 days, and I put you in the computer in a week this last time.....  I just have too many clients to keep up with, the social worker says.....

Hummmm, My goodness gracious....  now where oh where have I heard that before... Oh, now I remember... isn't that the same whining and problems the other case worker said when that little girl disappeared or died or something like that a little over a year ago.  The one who was arrested because she didn't do her job, and something happened to that little girl and we blamed here...  And she said she was case loaded.  Oh, that's right... What am I thinking... That  was another department entirely!  I apologize for that crisscross of thought, just sounded so.... so... so the same there for a moment....

 You BOAST ON your quality education PROGRAMS. Yet where is Florida stand compared to other states?  I couldn't find those statistics anywhere on your education site.  That's ok...  I thought of something else here.  Hey, Here's is an idea?   Why not get together with the officials that run these programs.  How about educating the administration on "Productive Healthcare and Disability" for the real world!  Just a suggestion...

Our president cares so much about veterans?  Then why in gods name are their still so many homeless veteran out there, right now, in the USA TODAY, Still without real proper assistance within your long term processing?  The proofs in the pudding!   A few small P.R. "damage-repair promotions and news coverage's are NOT GOING TO FOOL THE CITIZENS AMY MORE.  The results of changes will! SHOW ME THE RESULTS>>>> CAN I get my specialist now after 18 months of waiting?  Will My son lose his back teeth without finishing the work?  Will I lose my face figure, my jaw, my teeth, and have more health conditions before you fix my gum disease?  What other condition will be added to my list, by not having the proper specialist, so I have a chance for remission, so I can try to work again!  A few more months & my jaw could locked up, due to lack in medical attention.  I guess in reality of this website, That situation would make Officials quite happy.  I have to laugh on that one myself, but the situation can be serious, all jokes aside.

NOTICE:  If you have experienced continuous problems with Medicaid and/or Disability that you feel are life threatening, creating additional hardship due to the discriminating guidelines.... if you have lost a love one due to poor medical care, have become worse due to poor attention or lack of proper doctor care, or have received poor medical attention with doctors and/or with needed medications to ensure and maintain a health condition, "beyond" reasonable and normal assistance in dealing with these issues because of Medicaid/disability guild-lines and problems within the system, and/or feel discriminated against in the disability claim methods and guidelines, or know someone who has been experiencing the same or similar difficulties in and with disability and or Medicaid, please email me below. And please post your story on our message board

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